Terms of Condition


General terms
The general terms of CaminoWalks are based on an agreement between ”Law of package Tours” of 25.08.1995 as well as ”General Terms of Package Tours” agreed upon 01.10.1997 in co-operation between the Norwegian Travel Trade Association and the ombudsman for Norwegian consumers. We reserve the right to changes.

Booking and payment
The customers will be invoiced directly from CaminoWalks. The booking is binding when reservations are made. Invoice will be sent with a confirmation of the booking. The customer must always check that the received documents are ccurate with regards to dates and tours. If any mistakes, CaminoWalks must be contacted immediately.

The tours have to be paid in full according to the date stated on the invoice.

By cancelling within 60 – 31 days before the start of the tour, an administration fee of NOK 200,- must be paid. By cancellations 30 – 21 days before departure, up to 50% of the tour’s cost may be invoiced. By cancellations 3 weeks before departure/ not showing up, we can demand up to 100% of the paid amount.

Cancellations because of illness
We recommend that you purchase individual cancellation insurance. Most annual travel /accident insurances include a cancellation insurance. Check with your insurance company.

Cancellations of a tour
A tour can be cancelled by CaminoWalks if:
•    There are not enough participants (the minimum number is spesified under each tour). The cancellation of a tour is made by us at least 3 weeks before start of the tour.
•    Conditions that CaminoWalks are not in control of (force majeure), natural disasters, labour conflicts etc.
•    Conditions at the destinations or along the route has made the tour risky.

Complaints/period for submitting a complaint
Complaints in connections with accomodation, the food etc must be made immediately to the travel guide. If not the customer loses his/her right to assert his/her case. A complaint must be made within 4 weeks after returning home.

Changes in prices
The prices include the services which are mentioned under each separate tour. We claim the right to a change in prices if unexpected regulations should happen, but this cannot happen later than 21 days before the start of the tour. If the price increases by more than 10%, the customer can cancel without any cost. Cancellations must be communicated to CaminoWalks at the latest 7 days after the he/she was informed about the increase in price.
CaminoWalks is member of The Travel Guarantee Fund (Reisegarantifondet).