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21 years of experience

Here you will find answers to many questions you might have. We have more than 20 years of experience walking the Caminos in Spain and the Pilgrim way in Norway.

Look under ”Often asked questions”, if you can find the answer to your question. If not, send an e-mail to  and we will try to help you as best as we can.


What is included?

In Norway: Here everything is included; planning/organising the walk, accommodations, food, luggage trasnportation and guiding.

In Spain: planning/organizing the walks, organizing luggage transportation and guiding.

Each participant pays for accommodation/food/transportation along the way.


Signing up preferably before April 1 on all walks (except Peer Gynt walk – June 1).

Cancellation 6 weeks before start: administration fee of NOK 200,-

Cancellation 6 weeks -3 weeks before start: 50 % of the price refunded.

Cancellation less than 3 weeks before start: no refunds. In that case you will have to get a refund through your insurance company.

All prices are in Norwegian currency. In cases of payments through foreign banks, a fee of NOK 100,- will be added. Potential cancellation and refunds will also be in Norwegain currency.

Is this a religious pilgrimage?

No. But both the Caminos in Spain and Pilegrimsleden in Norway started as religious walks, but nowadays people walk for all different reasons. If you wish to, we will try our best to make it possible for you to take part in sermons/services in churches on the way/camino.

Do we walk together?

In Norway we walk as a group. Partly because we walk on paths through the forest or over the mountains, and there are crossing paths that can confuse participants on where to but also because we have stops along the way, and we prefer to arriveer there as a group.

In Spain it is easier to follow the signs and more people walking, and for that reason we might let participants walk at their own pace, and agree to meet up at certain places throughout the day. Some people prefer to walk alone and get more time for reflection, while others prefer to walk with other people. We will try to accommodate the preferences of the group members.

Do I have to train a lot before the walk?

It is an advantage to be used to walking for some distance, and we say that you should be able to walk about 20 kms per day. The stretches through Gudbrandsdalen might be a little bit harder as it is a bit up and down the hills. We have an average speed of 3,5 – 4 kms/hour, and have breaks regularly.

Remember that it is important to have walked  for a while in the same shoes you are planning to use on our walks. It will not help you much if you have biked or done skiing during the winter season, if your feet are not used to walking on asphalt/ gravel roads, old brick roads etc. It will be hard on your feet the first few days!

Do I have to carry much?

Each participant must carry a daypack with food, enough water and some extra clothing/rain gear. The rest of the luggage will be transported.

In Spain you can choose between carrying your luggage of pay for luggage transportation (€ 5-7 per day). I walk with a 40l backpack, about 6-8 kg. That is more than enough in Spain during summer time. Pack your backpack, then take out about 30% of what is in it!

What shall I pack?

I suggested packing list will be sent you as soon as you have signed up.

Where do we eat?

In Norway: We eat breakfast and dinner at the place we stay, and make a packed lunch that we put in our daypacks.

In Spain: It is up to each participant. It is very nice if we all gather for dinner. In Spain there are some albergues that also serve breakfast (€ 5-7). For lunch we eat at bars/cafes, or we can buy bread, cheese/ham etc and make our own sandwiches. Every small village has one or more cafees/restaurants/bars that serve ”Menu del Peregrinos” – pilgrims’ dinner; a simple three course meal for € 10 – 15.

Will the group leader walk with us?

In Norway there will be one or two guides that know the Pilgrim way well who will walk with the group – also because we have made arrangements at certain places o finterest.

In Spain the group leader will act more as a guide, walk the distance every day, and make sure everybody will get as good an experience of the Camino as possible.

What happens if I get injured

In Spain this is not a problem. We will help you get to a bus or og by taxi (your expenses), so that you cn rest for a day.

In Norway possibly one passenger can get a ride with a driver, but we do not have a bus following us picking up participants. We will in any case try to solve the situation in the best possible way. In may cases there will be blisters that might cause the injury. Therefore, a pair of sturdy sandals in your daypack/luggage can be useful to change into, and they might take the pressure off  the blisters so that you can continue.

How do I get to the starting point?

In Norway: Here we have chosen starting points because it is convenient to get there. There are several train and bus connections daily to and from these places. Same thing applies for the ending places.

In Spain: We will be assisting you in finding transportation to the starting points . All have train or bus connections to Madrid and Santiago de Compostela.  Participants will get suggestions for how and where to travel, and where to find tickets online or for example in Madrid.